[Dialogues] Battle for the Hyjal Mount

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[Dialogues] Battle for the Hyjal Mount

Message  Donaveen le Jeu 19 Avr 2007 - 11:52

Voici ce que j'ai traduit à partir des fichiers audio :


Jaina_Incoming03 : Stay alert ! An other wave approches.

Jaina_Rally02 : Hold them back as long as possible.

Jaina_Rally03 : We must hold strong !

Jaina_Attacked02 : They've broken trough !

Jaina_Retreat02 : We're lost. Fall back !

Jaina_Death01 : I did ... my best.

Jaina_Win01 : We have on valuable time. Now we must pull back.


Thrall_Attacked01 : I will not lie down for no one.

Thrall_Attackek02 : Bring the fight to me and pay with your lives.

Thrall_Death01 : Urggggg ... urggg ......

Thrall_Incoming03 : Make running for an other wave. LOK-THAR LOGAR !

Thrall_Rally01 : Hold them back. Do not fall'over.

Thrall_Rally02 : Victory or death.

Thrall_Rally02 : Do not given each of ground.

Thrall_Retreat02 : It is over. Withdrawn, we have failed.

Thrall_Win01 : We have played our part and done well. It is up to the others now.

Tyrande Whisperwind

Tyrande_Attacked01 : I can not hold them for long.

Tyrande_Attacked02 : I'll fight as long as I can.

Tyrande_Death01 : NO ....... all ..... is .... lost.

Tyrande_OutOfTime01 : It is finished then. It is the end ... for all of us.

Tyrande_Rally01 : It is our final stand. Make every block out.

Tyrande_Rally02 : Fight ! Fight for your dying wrath.

Tyrande_Rally03 : Give every own of strength. Do not despair.

Tyrande_Win01 : No words could do justice to whose who so unselfishly lay down their live for the good of all. So face it I say that I am honor to afford precede each and every one of you. Now go forth and celebrate. VICTORY IS OURS !

Tyrande_WhispIntro01 : THE TRAP IS SPREAD. The horn has sounded. I'll command to well meat the end this day. Rejoice !


Kaz_Death01 : MOUAHAHAHAAhah ... arggggg

Kaz_Enter01 : Cry for mercy. Your meaningless lives will soon be forfeit.

Kaz_Mark01 : Your death will be a payed for a while.

Kaz_Mark02 : YOU are marked.

Kaz_Slay01 : Shasakyelle.

Kaz_Slay02 : YOU ... are nothing.

Kaz_Slay03 : Miserable mutants.


Rage_Death01: You have won this battle but not the war.

Rage_DthDecay01 : Crumble and wrath.

Rage_DthDecay01 : Hashes to hashes .. dust to dust.

Rage_Enter01 : The Legion final conquest has begun. Ones again, the subjection of this world is with ours graps. LET NONE SURVIVE !

Rage_FrstNova01 : It's come from the icy chill of death.

Rage_FrstNova02 : It will be much colder in your grave.

Rage_Saly02 : Your world is us now.

Rage_Slay03 : Victory to the Legion.


Anath_CarionSwrm01 : The sworm needs eager to vide.

Anath_Death01 : The clock ... is still ... taking.

Anath_Enter01 : Your are the defender of the doom world. Flee here and perhaps you'll prolonge your pathetic lives.

Anath_Infernal01 : LET FIRE RAIN FOR ABOVE !


Anath_Slay01 : Our hopes are lost.

Anath_Slay02 : Scream for me !

Anath_Slay03 : Pity, no time for a slow death.

Anath_Sleep01 : You look tired.

Anath_Sleep02 : Sweet dream ?


Azga_Death01 : Your time is almost .... argggggggg

Azga_Doom01 : Suffering you despicable insects !

Azga_Doom02 : Just a taste of what await you.

Azga_Enter01 :
Abandon all hope ! Legion has returned to finish what was begun so many years... ago ! This time, there will be no escape !

Azga_Slay01 : REACH HOKTHAR ! (gni ?)

Azga_Slay02 : No one is going to save you !

Azga_Slay03 : Don't fight us !


Arch_Aggro01 : Your resistance is unsignificant.

Arch_Burn01 : This world will burn !

Arch_Charm01 : You are mine now !

Arch_Charm02 : Bow to my will !


Arch_Intro01 :
All of your efforts has been in vain ! For the trailing of the world tree has already begun. Soon, the heart of your world will beat no more.

Arch_Knockup02 : A wave violent.

Arch_Slay01 : You soul will languish for eternity !

Arch_Slay03 : I am the calling of the end.

Enjoy Smile !

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